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Our consultancy specializes in helping businesses identify and access various subsidies, grants, and incentives offered by government agencies and other organizations. We provide expert guidance to businesses of all sizes and industries, navigating the complex landscape of subsidy programs to maximize financial support and minimize administrative burden. Our team of experienced consultants works closely with clients to assess eligibility, complete applications, and optimize strategies for securing subsidies tailored to their specific needs. Whether it's funding for research and development, energy efficiency initiatives, workforce training, or other areas, we empower businesses to leverage available resources for growth and innovation. With a track record of success and a commitment to personalized service, we are dedicated to helping businesses thrive in an ever-changing economic environment.

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RC Consultancy

G-1111, Titanium City Center Corporate Office , Anandnagar Road, Satellite Ahmedabad -380015

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Union Rubber Mill, Vithhalapur

Jagdamba Marketing, Kadi

Kaka Toys, Bakrol

Shah Petroleum Agency, Bahucharaji

Shreenathji Metal, kadi

Gopal Glass, Kadi

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Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar

Deparment Industries & Mines Department
Person Name Shri S. J. Haider Additional Chief Secretary to Government

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Capital Subsidy


Our consultancy specializes in assisting businesses in Gujarat to access the Capital Subsidy program offered by the state government. This program aims to support businesses in acquiring capital assets by providing financial assistance in the form of subsidies. Through our expertise and knowledge of the program's intricacies, we guide businesses in navigating the application process and securing the maximum available subsidy for their capital investments.


The Capital Subsidy program in Gujarat is designed to promote industrial growth, enhance competitiveness, and stimulate economic development within the state. Eligible businesses can receive subsidies on the purchase of machinery, equipment, technology upgrades, and infrastructure improvements, among other capital expenditures. 


Our consultancy offers comprehensive support throughout the entire process, from initial assessment of eligibility criteria to the preparation and submission of documentation required for the subsidy application. We leverage our experience and understanding of the program guidelines to tailor strategies that optimize the chances of our clients' success in securing the subsidy.


By partnering with us, businesses in Gujarat can access valuable financial resources to fuel their growth and expansion initiatives while ensuring compliance with the regulations and requirements set forth by the state government's Capital Subsidy program. We are committed to empowering businesses to capitalize on available opportunities and drive sustainable development in the region.

PMEGP Scheme

Our consultancy specializes in providing guidance and support to aspiring entrepreneurs and existing micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) seeking to leverage the Prime Minister's Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) subsidy scheme. PMEGP is a flagship scheme of the Government of India aimed at generating employment opportunities and promoting entrepreneurship across various sectors.


Through PMEGP, financial assistance is provided in the form of subsidies for setting up new projects or expanding existing ones. The scheme encourages the establishment of micro-enterprises in both rural and urban areas, thereby fostering economic growth and inclusive development.


Our consultancy offers end-to-end assistance to individuals and enterprises interested in availing the benefits of the PMEGP subsidy scheme. We provide comprehensive support, including:


1. Initial Assessment: We assess the feasibility and viability of project proposals to ensure alignment with PMEGP guidelines and objectives.

2. Application Preparation: We assist in the preparation of project reports, business plans, and other documentation required for the PMEGP application process.

3. Subsidy Maximization: We strategize to optimize subsidy benefits by leveraging our understanding of PMEGP eligibility criteria and subsidy calculation methods.

4. Application Submission: We facilitate the submission of PMEGP applications and ensure compliance with all procedural requirements.

5. Post-Approval Support: We guide clients through post-approval processes, including loan disbursement, project implementation, and monitoring.


By partnering with us, aspiring entrepreneurs and existing MSMEs can navigate the complexities of the PMEGP subsidy scheme with confidence and maximize their chances of success. Our goal is to empower individuals and enterprises to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations, create sustainable livelihoods, and contribute to the socio-economic development of India.

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